The Need

Historically, evangelicals in Italy have been made up mostly of the lower to lower-middle class of society who have made few or no inroads into a distinctive upper class. This class, composed of the top business, professional, civic and social leaders in society, is the upper echelons of society that influences and determines trends. As in most societies, there is a very distinct social order. People are open to being influenced by those they view as peers or as their social “superiors”. They are more resistant to being influenced by those they view as their social “inferiors”. Even though this elite has experienced a great deal of worldly success, it is still searching for something truly meaningful in life. Most of the youth is not effectively parented any longer as a lot of parents, unlike the recent past, are divorced or separated and find no energy in “forging” their offspring. Thus the new generation without the proper role models keeps degenerating.

The Challenge

This reality poses a challenge to the evangelical movement in Italy– how to penetrate these strata of societies (upper echelon and fatherless youth) with the Gospel? Evangelistic methods such as literature distribution, outdoor events, door-to-door, etc. show little to no results. In Italy, the most effective way of spreading the Gospel has been through social networks, i.e. through natural points of contact such as relatives, friendships, work, etc. Unfortunately, evangelicals in this country have very few natural points of contact with the higher social strata and their youth programs, where present, are often culturally irrelevant being obsolete.

The Goal

In response, Peppo and Jane have launched a ministry that addresses these strategic needs. They have found effective ways to reach members of the upper class and foster the spread of the Gospel through natural social networks in that segment of aristocracy as well as youth. They have been developing personal relationships with people of influence and their families/friends underlined by ways to demonstrate the love of Christ to them and impart His teachings as the core of their ministry. They have seen tremendous results during their work with influencers in Palm Beach, Rome and Southern Italy. They strongly believe in Nationals shaping Nationals. Thus their efforts are in equipping those with a hunger for the Gospel and its transforming power. Join their efforts and you will experience tactical Spirit filled evangelism.

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