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16 Apr Italy Collective

ita collHow often churches, moved by enthusiasm and spirit of evangelism, have ventured off to Europe with a group of zealots ready to make proselytes? Too often, Watson, too often. I do not say this in a demeaning way, but only to cast some light on the subject. We have seen so much money being squandered by people that, armed with good intentions, were not prepared for the italian culture. Yes, they might have felt great because they distributed a few gospel tracks, or sung in the middle of a piazza, but besides their own sense of accomplishment how where the nationals impacted? Most likely they did not even notice! With this I am not advocating to stop sending people overseas, but please make sure you do your due diligence ahead of time. Try to line up with the local organizations/missionaries/pastors/ that have a proven record some that can guide you in the process and will be able to continue the labor once you are back in your airplane seats.

Welcome to Italy Collective, a new initiative that aims at gathering international resources and talent to penetrate the post-christian italian society with effective a well focused efforts. We will be helping in seeing this gaining momentum by advocating the cause while in the US. Stay tuned for more.

jane biscarini
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