Worth it!

14 Feb Worth it!

Around 539 B.C. Cyrus, king of Persia once had an audit with some of his prisoners. A prince and his family stood before the king; Cyrus asked him: “What would you give me if I let you go” the prince replied “I’d give you half of my kingdom”. Then King Cyrus asked: “What would you give me for your kid’s freedom” and he replied “I would give you the other half of the kingdom”. Once more the king asked: “What would you give me to free your wife?” and the prince said: “For my wife I would give you myself!”. Seeing this commitment Cyrus could not hold this family any longer and released them without any ransom. On their way back home the prince told his wife: “King Cyrus was a very handsome man. Did you notice?” The wife promptly replied: “Actually I did not pay any attention to him since my eyes were focused on the one that was willing to give his life for me!” What a beautiful story…one that should resonate very close to us as we look at the price our Lord indeed paid for our freedom. How can we be distracted by anything else?Cyrus.the_.Great_

jane biscarini
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